Na/K/ATPase H2O Ions Glucose, AA, protein Uric acid, Creatinine, drugs Diuretic Histology Mutation
PCT yes reabs reabs reabs secrete CI 15mm; Dark cytosol, small lumen Fanconi's
Thin loop (D) little highly reabs little no no N/A 2-14mm; epithelial cells like sunny side up eggs
Thin loop (A) yes NO passive reabs no no N/A
TAL yes NO NaCl reabs, X2+ reabs no no Loop 12mm; Thicker cells, larger nucleus Bartter's
DCT yes no? Ca2+ reabs, Cl reabs no no Thiazide 5mm; lighter cytosol, larger lumen Gitelman's
CD (p) yes (aldo) yes (ADH + Aldo) reabs K or Cl no no K sparing 20mm; Cell divisions visible due to interdigitation
CD (α) yes no H secretion no no N/A
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